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Friday, July 30, 2010


Lady Gaga / Mary-Kate

Design A

Design B

Think John Lennon

Made of metal
Spring to the stems

Brand :
Design A;Louis Master (SOLD)
Design B;RayBans (SOLD)

Both inspired

RM 29 each

**Sorry! Not restockable

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Grecian Goddess

Fits UK6-10
Quality Cotton Spandex
Material is stretchable
Gorgeous embroidery at the front
Note : The model is 5"7

RM 39 ( SOLD )

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Instead of your typical dull-colored Wayfarer's of black and brown, we've decided to put a little color into your lives and brought in funkier ones!

From bottom to top: Design 1, Design 2, Black&red wayfarers (SOLD right before post update, sorry) and Design 3

Design 1 (Multicolor-kilt)

Design 2 (Rainbow stripes)

Design 3 (Pure Red)

NOTE: These wayfarers are not associated at all with the original Ray-Bans and/or the brand itself.

However, rest assured that quality is guaranteed!

Material is glossy hard plastic

Design 1 (Multicolor kilt) - ALL SOLD OUT!
Design 2 (Rainbow stripes) - 1 LAST PIECE AVAILABLE
Design 3 (Pure Red) - ALL SOLD OUT

RM25 each!


Checkered red

Checkered Green


Model is a size M-L
Shirts are regular fit
Quality material guaranteed (color will not run when washed)
The feel of the material is slightly starched
The fit and the stitching is immaculate

Checkered Red (1 SOLD, 1 available)
Checkered Green (SOLD OUT)


*Similiar ones seen in ZARA for RM200++

**Model credits to Justin

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Models are wearing Geek #1 (in matte black)

Models are wearing Geek #2 (in shiny black)

Models are wearing Geek #3 (in shady brown)

From top to bottom: Geek #1, Geek #2 and Geek #3

The Music Legend

The inspired:

Models are wearing the Yoko Ono's.

The Yoko Ono's

The classic Windsor (true vintage)

The John Lennons from top to bottom: Yoko Ono's and the classic Windsor

Look at me

The John Lennon's:

Yoko Ono's SOLD
Emblems on both sides
Frames are a rustic gold in color


The classic Windsor SOLD
Overall vintage feel to it
Rustic silver in color


Geeky glasses: NOT RESTOCKABLE

Geek #1 SOLD
Color is matte black
Raybans inspired

Geek #2 SOLD
Color is shiny black
Raybans inspired

Color is shady brown
The original geeky glasses design
Frames are slightly rectangular (smaller compared to Geek #1 & #2)


*Model credits to Nabil, Alzaim, Usamah and Nicole! Thank you all :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010


The problem with shopping, for guys is that it is quite hard to find a shirt that fits you just right (and at a reasonable price range).
What's most important in finding the perfect button-up is; the cut, the style and the Fit.

We've brought in exclusive 1 piece casual button-ups for you guys. And be assured that quality is one of our main concerns for purchase; as you can clearly see modeled in the pictures.

Align Right

The Checkered (Brand: Next, UK)

Striped Green (by Kenneth)

(true color)

Striped Blue (by Kenneth)

(true color up-close. SORRY we had no time to iron before photoshooting!)

The other half

The Checkered (Size S; Slim fit and recommended for guys with narrow chests)
Brand: Next, UK
Sleeves can be rolled up or down



Striped Green (Size M; Regular fit and recommended for guys with wider chests)
Brand: by Kenneth
Sleeves can be rolled up or down



Striped Blue (Size M; Regular fit and recommended for guys with wider chests)
Brand: by Kenneth
Sleeves can be rolled up or down



Quality and cutting are guaranteed for all three shirts.